The Task Force of the Cambodian Cashew Federation

The Task Force of the Cambodian Cashew Federation (Task force) is scheduled to hold the "First Birth Conference of the Cambodian Cashew Federation" at the Himawari Hotel on Monday, October 10, 2022.
The purpose of this conference is to review, discuss and approve the final draft of the statute, which has been drafted and revised by the working group, and to establish a structure to lead and govern the future of the federation through the congressional election process.
The process of organizing this federation is supported and participated by the Ministry of Commerce, # HEKS / EPER, CIRD, Cambodian Cashew Association (SOC), GIZ-CRAS,, Santana Agro Products Ample Agro Product Khmer Organic Cooperative Co., Ltd. .
The first birth conference was also sponsored by DanChurchAid Hung Hiep (cambodia) Co., Ltd, the Farmers and Nature Network Association.
If you are a representative of an institution working in the cashew sector and are interested in becoming a member or standing on the board, please check the relevant documents contained in this link: Er3YE1ri5RxBv ... or you can ask for information directly at the following contact number: Miss Uon Sok Moly, Project Officer of CIRD (Telegram 067 687 431, Email:

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